3M 82-A3 Resin Power Cable Splice Kit

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Use the 3Mâ„¢ Scotchcastâ„¢ Inline Resin Splice Kits 82-A Series to Insulate and Seal Single Conductor, Unshielded Cable Splices through 5 Kilovolt and Multiple Conductor Cables through 1 Kilovolt; Designed for Use in Weather-Exposed or Direct-Burial Locations; UL Listed for Direct Burial and Submerged Applications up to 600 V and 90 C; For Use with UL Listed Connectors Only


Type: In-Line
Voltage Rating: 5 Kilovolt (1-Conductor), 1 Kilovolt (Multiple)
Cable Type: Non-Shielded, Portable
Number of Conductors: 1, Multiple
Insulator Type: Resin
Connector Type: Compression
Conductor Size: 3/0 AWG to 400 KCMIL
Cable Insulation Outer Diameter: 1.56 Inch
Contents: Mold Body, Pouring Spout, 23 Electrical Tape, Resin
Approval: UL