3M 50-UNPRINTED-4X100FT Corrosion Protection Tape

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3Mâ„¢ Scotchrapâ„¢ Tape 50 is a premium grade, 10 mil thick, all weather, PVC backing tape. It withstands temperatures of 55 to 176 Deg F ( 48 to 80 Deg C). This high tack adhesive tape offers resistance to corrosion, impact, abrasion and puncture, making it suitable for use on metal piping systems, conduits and fittings both above and below ground. 3Mâ„¢ Scotchrapâ„¢ Tape 50 Corrosion Protection Tape ensures excellent tacking and high conformability with a pressure sensitive rubber adhesive. The flexible PVC backing offers good mechanical strength and electrical insulation properties. It is highly resistant to UV rays, corrosive salt water, soil acids, alkalis, salts, chemicals and varying weather conditions. It works on straight pipes, conduits and on the field joints present on mill coated pipes. UL Listed and RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant.


Type: Insulating
Length: 100 Foot
Width: 4 Inch
Thickness: 10 Mil
Material: PVC Tape, Rubber Adhesive
Finish: Black
Temperature Rating: -55 to 176 Deg F
Application: Corrosion Protection on Pipe, Conduit Pipe, Fitting, Professional Grade