Bussmann TCF60RN Time Delay Fuse

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Faster Response to Damaging Faults to Help Reduce Destructive Thermal and Magnetic Forces; Long Time-Delay Minimizes Nuisance Circuit Openings Due to Temporary Overloads and Transient Surges; Separate Overload and Short Circuit Element Provides Time-Delay for Sizing of High Inrush Loads Linked with Class J Current Limitation; Robust Cycling and Inrush Current Withstand; Low Let Through Currents Under Fault Conditions; Provides Type 2 No Damage Protection for IEC Motors Starters when Properly Sized; RoHS Compliant


Type: Class CF, Class J
Characteristics: 10 Second Time Delay (at 500 Percent Rated Current), Dual Element, Non-Indicating
Voltage Rating: 600 Volt AC, 300 Volt DC
Current Rating: 60 Amp
Interrupting Rating: 300 Kiloamp (Symmetrical, UL), 200 Kiloamp (Symmetrical, CSA), 100 Kiloamp DC (UL, CSA)
Length: 2.13 Inch
Approval: UL, CSA, CE