Wiremold G6010B Raceway Blank End Fitting

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The Wire Mold 6000 Series Raceway Can be Used Divided for Separate Wiring Circuits or Multi-Service Applications; For Large Cabling Installations, 6000 Can be Used Undivided as Headers and Feeders or to Bring Wiring to a Specified Location; 6000 Series Raceway is Ideal for All Applications Requiring a High Cable Capacity, Dual Service Steel Raceway; Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Applications All Benefit from the 6000 Series Rigid Steel Construction and Durable Ivory Scuffcoat Finish; 6000 Series Raceway is also Ideal for Municipalities that Require Either All Steel Construction or Prohibit Non-Metallic Cable Management Systems; RoHS Compliant; Made in USA


Type: Blank End Fitting
Size: 4-3/4 Inch Length x 1-1/2 Inch Width x 3-1/2 Inch Height
Material: Steel
Finish: Gray
Approval: UL 5
Used On: 6000 Series Multi-Channel Steel Surface Raceway
Accessory Type: Fittings