O-Z/Gedney S-2500-1 IMC/EMT/Rigid Conduit Cable Support

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O-Z/Gedney cable supports are used to support cables in vertical raceways or risers. They relieve the strain that would be placed on terminations, the interior of panels, or other devices to which the cables are connected. Properly designed cable supports must not only be capable of supporting a given weight of cable with a good margin of safety but must also support the cable without damaging the insulation or excessively reducing the amount of insulation over the conductor in the area where the cable is supported. O-Z/Gedney has been furnishing Cable Supports to the electrical industry for almost 100 years that meet these requirements.


Type: 1-Piece Plug
Body Type: Knurled/Tapered
Conduit Type: Rigid/IMC
Voltage Rating: 600 V
Conduit Position: Vertical
Conductor Size: 18 to 8 AWG, 6 to 0 AWG, 2/0 to 4/0 AWG, 4/0 AWG to 750 KCMIL (Aluminum/Copper Clad, Aluminum/Copper)
Conduit Size: 2-1/2 Inch
Cable Type: Non-Armored
Number of Conductors: 2 to 4 (Same Size)
Size: 3-3/4 Inch Dia x 3 Inch H
Material: Hot Dip Galvanized Malleable/Ductile Iron
Application: Indoor
Approval: UL 514B, CSA C22.2