3M 85-16 Resin Power Cable Splice Kit

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The 3Mâ„¢ Scotchcastâ„¢ Multi-Mold Resin Splice Kit 85 Series are Used to Electrically Insulate Odd-Sized and Odd-Shaped Splices on Cables Rated through 1 Kilovolt; These Flexible Plastic Molds are Easily Formed Around Splices; Within 30 Minutes after the Resin has Been Poured, the Splice is Ready for Service above Ground or Buried; RoHS Compliant


Type: In Line/Wye/X/Butt/Dead End
Voltage Rating: 1 KV
Cable Type: Multiple Conductor, Single Conductor, Non-Shielded
Insulator Type: Multi Molded Resin
Connector Type: Compression Tap, Split Bolt
Conductor Size: 2/0 AWG Stranded (Tap), 250 KCMIL (Run), 750 KCMIL Stranded (Split Bolt), 4/0 AWG Stranded (Tap), 500 KCMIL (Run) (Compression Tap)
Number of Splices: 1
Contents: Scotchcast Electrical Insulating and Sealing Compound, Adhesive Film Sealing Strip, Instruction Booklet