3M 8427-12 Cold Shrink Connector Insulator

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3Mâ„¢ Cold Shrink Connector Insulators 8420 Series are Designed Using 3M Proprietary Cold Shrink Delivery System; Removal of the Core after Positioning the Splice Allows the Product to Shrink into Position Forming a Moisture-Tight Seal; The Live Memory Action of the Specially Formulated Perm Material Promotes a Permanent, Durable Environmental Seal and Insulation, with a Typical Operating Temperature Range from-40 to 194 Deg F; RoHS Compliant


Type: In-Line
Voltage Rating: 1 Kilovolt
Cable Type: Tape/Wire Shield, Non-Shielded, Direct Burial/Submersible
Number of Conductors: 1
Insulator Type: Cold Shrink Tube, EPDM Rubber Sleeve
Connector Type: Sleeve
Conductor Size: 250 to 400 KCMIL
Cable Insulation Outer Diameter: 0.67 to 1.38 Inch
Contents: Adapter, Mastic Pad