Wattstopper DT-305 Occupancy Sensor

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Architecturally Appealing Low Profile Appearance; Smart Set Automatically Selects Optimal Settings for Each Space; Ultrasonic Diffusers Give More Comprehensive Coverage; Depluggable Terminal Wiring for Quick and Easy Installation; Accepts Low Voltage Switch Input for Manual-On Operation


Type: Sensor with Isolated Relay, Dual Technology, Low Voltage
Sensor Type: Passive Infrared, Ultrasonic
Voltage Rating: 24 Volt AC/DC
Load Type: Lighting
Load Rating: 1 Amp at 30 Volt AC/DC
Area Coverage: 1000 Square Foot
Field of View: 360 Degree
Time Delay: 5/10/15/20/30 Minute (Fixed)
Terminal Type: Neutral Wire
Finish: White
Mounting: Ceiling
Size: 4.5 Inch Diameter x 1.02 Inch Depth
Application: Open Office, Large Office, Computer Room, Classroom
Approval: UL, CUL