IDEAL Electrical 31-187 Fish Tape

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Impact Resistant; Non-Conductive Fish Tape Designed for use Around Live Circuits; Strong S-Class Fiberglass Core for Strength and Greater Pushing Power; Smooth Nylon Jacket Protects Fiberglass and Provides Smooth Surface for Great Handling Around Bends; Round Shape Provides Omni-Directional Pushing through Tough Bends; S-Class Fiberglass Fish Tapes are Non-Conductive and the Best Choice when Working Near Live Circuits; A High Quality Fiberglass Core Provides Column Strength for Optimum Pushing and Pulling Capability; Stationary Handle for Extra Durability


Case Type: Inner Rotating Reel with Winding Knob
Reel Diameter: 12 Inch
Tape Length: 50 Foot
Tape Size: 3/16 Inch Diameter
Case Material: Impact Resistant Plastic
Tape Material: Nylon Jacketed Fiberglass
Tensile Strength: 500 Pound