Killark Electric FXS-1C Explosionproof Tumbler Switch Cover and Device

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Our control stations and accessories for hazardous locations are designed to contain explosions, prevent outside pollutants from getting in, and allow electrical energy to be safely distributed and controlled. Our control stations work to protect against water ingress and corrosion in addition to being factory sealed for ease of installation. We are continuously developing new products and updating current lines to meet and exceed customer expectations and stay on top of the latest standards and directives. Our range of explosion proof products includes control stations, back boxes, covers, GFCI devices, actuators, operators, indicating lights, tumbler switches, fire alarms and more.


Constructional Feature: Weatherproof
Voltage Rating: 120/277 Volt AC
Current Rating: 20 Amp
Contact Configuration: 1-Pole
Hub Size: 1/2 Inch
Enclosure: Class I Div 1 and 2 Group C D, Class l Zone 1 and 2 Group llA llB, Class II Div 1 and 2 Group E F G, Class lll, NEMA 3, NEMA 7CD, NEMA 9EFG
Approval: UL, CSA