Power-Strut PS-200-S-GR_10IN Channel

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Power-Strut Channel Sections are Produced by Multiple Sets of Forming Rolls Which Cold-Work Strip Steel into the Channel Configuration; This Type of Roll Forming Produces a Uniform Channel Section Held to the Specifications of MFMA-4


Type: Single
Number of Channels: 1
Configuration: Slotted
Cross Section Area: 0.555 Sq Inch
Thickness: 12 Gauge
Length: 10 Ft
Width: 1-5/8 Inch
Height: 1-5/8 Inch
Center Spacing: 4 Inch
Hole/Slot Size: 3 Inch L x 13/32 Inch W
Material: ASTM A1011 33 Stainless Steel
Process: Hot Rolled
Finish: Perma Green III
Column Load Rating: 3550 Lb
Beam Load Rating: 1436 Lb
Deflection: 0.06 Inch
Weight: 185 Lb per 100 Ft
Applicable Standard: MFMA-4