Wattstopper LS-301 Dimming Photosensor

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The LightSaver LS-301 is a Closed Loop, Ceiling Mount, Low Voltage Indoor Photosensor that Works with Standard, 0-10 VDC Electronic Dimming Ballasts or Compatible LED Drivers to Dim Lighting as Daylight Increases; All LS-301 Adjustments are Made with One of Two Handheld Remotes; The LS-301 is Designed to Blend into its Surroundings When Installed in any Environment; It Provides One Zone of Day Lighting Control in a Private Office or Classroom; In These Applications, the LS-301 can be Combined with an Occupancy Sensor; Provides Precise Control of Lighting to Maintain Desired Light Level; Extremely Linear Photocell Response with Greater than 1% Accuracy; Designed to Measure Light as the Human Eye Perceives it, Eliminating Over Reporting Illumination Levels Provided by Daylight; California Title 24-2013 Compliant; Separate Handheld Remote Controls for Setup and Occupant Adjustment to Prevent Tampering; Boosts Energy Savings by Reducing Maximum Lamp Output, Often Resulting in a 20% Reduction or More Compared with Lights at Full Output; Achieves Lumen Maintenance by Holding Target Light Level as Lamp Output Decreases Over Time


Type: 1-Zone
Depth: 0.875 Inch
Application: Office, Classroom