3M 5515A Power Cable Splice Kit

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The 3M™ Cold Shrink Qs-Iii Shielded Cable Splices are 15 Kilovolt Class Inline Splices for Joining Tape Shield, Wire Shield, Unishield® or Longitudinally Corrugated (Lc) Shielded Power Cables; It is a Cold Shrink Design Sized to Fit Type Mv-90 or Type Mv-105 Cables with Copper or Aluminum Conductor Sizes Ranging from 2 Wag-1000 Kcmil (35-500 Mm²); The Cold Shrink Splice Body is a One-Piece Molded Design Made of Special Formulated Silicone Rubbers, While the Cold Shrink Jacketing is Made of Epdm Rubber for Physical Protection; Each Splice Manufactured is Factory Tested to Provide Reliability; The Splices Can be Used with Standard Copper (Cu) or Aluminum (Al/Cu) Inline Compression (Crimp Type) Connectors; They are Designed to Exceed Minimum Industry Test Standards and have a Bil Rating of 150 Kilovolt


Type: In Line
Voltage Rating: 15 KV
Cable Type: Tape Shielded, Wire Shielded, Unishield, Longitudinally Corrugated Shielded
Number of Conductors: 1
Insulator Type: Silicon Rubber
Connector Type: Compression
Conductor Size: 350 to 750 KCMIL
Cable Insulation Outer Diameter: 1.04 to 1.7 Inch
Number of Splices: 1
Contents: (1) Cold Shrink Silicone Rubber Splice Body, (1) Cold Shrink Adapter Tube, (1) Cold Shrink Jacketing Tube, (2) Red Compound Tubes P55/R, (6) Mastic Sealing Strips 2230, (2) Rubber Mastic Tape 2228 Rolls, (1) Cable Cleaning Pad CC-3, (1) Cable Preparation Template, (1) Shielding Sleeve, (1) Ground Strap, (5) Constant Force Spring Ground Connector, (2) Copper Tape Strip, (1) Instruction Booklet