IDEAL Electrical WGR-B Grounding Wire Connector

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Designed for Making Ground Connections and Bonding Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable; Flexible Shell Expands for Smooth, Progressive Tightening Providing Dependable Connection; A Full Line for Virtually Every Wire Size and Combination; Expanding, Square Wire Spring Creates Secure Connection; Wide, Deep Skirt Opening Accommodates a Variety of Wire Combination; Made in USA


Type: Contoured Wing
Wire Type: Non-Metallic
Wire Size: 14 to 10 AWG
Minimum Wire Combination Size: (2) #14
Maximum Wire Combination Size: (5) #12
Shell Material: Copolymer
Color: Green
Temperature Rating: 105 Deg C
Standard Package: 250 per Bag
Approval: UL 486A/774A, CSA