Buchanan Construction Products 82S-EAFB1-LC Street Light Connector Kit

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Buchanan Breakaway Connector Kits are designed for use in highway lighting, area lighting, flood lighting, and power distribution circuits in the wire range of #14 to #2 AWG. The kits install easily in 5 minutes or less using only a knife, wire stripper, and crimp tool - eliminating the need for special equipment, potting, tape, extra crimp inserts, resins, and cure time. The built in "breakaway" design prevents broken wires and the de-energization of a complete circuit when one component, such as a light standard, fails due to vehicular impact. The kits separate safely under tension, retaining the fuse in the harmless load side, eliminating danger and electrical shock.


Type: Breakaway Y-Tap Kit
Voltage Rating: 600 Volt
Current Rating: 30 Amp
Construction: Double (Line), Single (Load), Fused, Hot
Connector Type: Set-Screw
Approval: CSA