Marley Engineered Products FRC4027 Fan Forced Wall Heater

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Berko High-Capacity, Heavy-Duty Fan Forced Wall Heaters are Designed for use Almost Anywhere in Commercial or Industrial Areas Requiring High Capacity and Quick Recovery; They Perform Exceptionally Well in Such Applications as Motels, Entryways, Stores, Public Rest Rooms, Warehouses and Other Large, Hard to Heat Areas; All Controls are Concealed Behind the Front Cover Making Them Essentially Tamper Proof; They will Accommodate Pneumatic/Electric or Low Voltage Controls Commonly Used with Computerized Energy Management Systems


Type: Architectural
Voltage Rating: 240/277 V
Current Rating: 6.3/12.5 Ampere at 240 V, 7.22/14.4 Ampere at 277 V
Power Rating: 1500/3000 W at 240 V, 2000/4000 W at 277 V
Number of Phases: 1
Heating Capacity: 5120/10235 BTU/Hr at 208 V, 6825/13650 BTU/Hr at 240 V
Housing Size: 14-3/8 Inch W x 3-3/4 Inch D x 18-1/4 Inch H
Material: 20 Gauge Galvanized Steel
Heating Element: Copper Brazed Steel Sheathed Fin
Control Type: 40 to 90 Deg F Built in Thermostat, Fan Delay Switch, Disconnect Switch
Fan/Motor Type: 5 Bladed Aluminum Fan, Totally Enclosed Motor
Air Flow Rate: 100 CFM
Mounting: Recessed/Surface
Application: Commercial, Industrial, Motel, Entryway, Store, Public Rest Room and Warehouse
Approval: UL (Canada and US)