Pass & Seymour TR20W Straight Blade Receptacle

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Dual Mechanical Shutter System to Help Prevent Insertions of Foreign Objects; Two Drive Screws Anchor Strap to Back Body and Face Where Abrupt Removal Torque is Greatest; 0.032 Inch Thickness Brass Triple-Wipe Power Contacts for Lasting Retention; Corrosion-Resistant Plated Steel Strap is Locked into the Face and Back Body to Resist Pulling Away from the Face/Body Assembly; Auto-Ground Clip Assures Positive Ground; Easily Accessed Break-Off, Line-Contact Connecting Tab for Fast, Easy Split-Circuit Wiring; Backed-Out Tri-Drive Steel Terminal Screws; RoHS Compliant


Type: Duplex
Constructional Feature: Tamper/Corrosion Resistant
Configuration: 5-20R
Voltage Rating: 125 Volt AC
Current Rating: 20 Amp
Number of Poles: 2
Number of Wires: 3
Ground Type: Grounding
Material: High Impact Resistant Nylon
Color: White
Wiring: Side
Grade: Commercial, Specification
Approval: UL 498, UL (Canada and US), CSA C22.2