IPEX Electrical 12047 Electrical Non-Metallic Tubing Reel

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Non-corroding and non-conducting, Kwikon Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing (ENT) is engineered for the rugged day-to-day challenges of the construction industry - whether encased in concrete or concealed in walls or ceilings. Kwikon ENT's corrugated construction allows it to be bent easily by hand requiring no special bending equipment. And our six locking tab Kwikon couplings and connectors create a total integrated system that saves you time and money on the job. Lightweight and flexible, Kwikon ENT is quick and easy to install reducing labor by up to 50%, comes with color-coded stripes for easy cable identification and is conveniently available in 10' sticks, coils or long reels.


Trade Size: 1 Inch
Length: 1000 Ft
Inner Diameter: 1.34 Inch
Outer Diameter: 1.66 Inch
Material: Rigid PVC
Color: Blue
Standard Package: Reel
Applicable Standard: NEMA TC-13
Approval: UL, CSA