3M UF1-SPLICE-KIT-6-KITS Power Cable Splice Kit

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3Mâ„¢ Splice Kit Uf is Designed to Provide a Reliable, Moisture Proof Electrical Connection for Type Uf-B Underground Feeder Cable Rated for 600 V (Copper Wire Only) Ranging from #14/3 without Ground Wire up to #8/3 with Ground Wire; The Uf Splice Kit Consists of a Connector-Insulation Assembly and a Heat Shrink Tube; The Connector Assembly Contains Four Cylindrical Set Screw Connectors Separated by a Piece of Vinyl Insulation; The Heat Shrink Tube is a Heavy-Wall, Adhesive-Lined Tube; Underground Feeder (Uf)-B Cables are Flat and Typically have Three Solid Conductors without a Ground or Two Solid Conductors with a Ground; They Range in Size from 14-8 Wag; The Most Common Uf Cable Size is 14-10 Wag; RoHS Compliant; Made in USA


Voltage Rating: 600 Volt
Cable Type: Underground Feeder
Number of Conductors: 3
Insulator Type: Heat Shrink Tube
Connector Type: Cylindrical Set Screw
Conductor Size: 14 to 10 AWG
Number of Splices: 1
Contents: 1.8 Inch Connector, 8 Inch Heat Shrink Tube
Approval: UL 486D