Lithonia Lighting LB-2-32-120-RE Wraparound Light Fixture

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Curved Prismatic Diffuser with Linear Side Prisms Minimize Lamp Image and Provides High Angle Brightness Control; Luminous End Plates Soften Appearance for Improved Aesthetics; Continuous Side Flanges on Fixture Body Provide Light Trap and Continuous Diffuser Support to Prevent Accidental Opening and Simplify Maintenance


Type: Low Profile
Lamp Type: 32WT8
Number of Lamps: 2
Lamp/Ballast Voltage: 120 V
Lamp Wattage: 32 W
Lamp Length: 48 Inch
Lamp Included: No
Ballast Type: 120 V Residential Electronic
Lens Type: Prismatic Acrylic Diffuser With Sonic Welded Injection Molded Luminous End
Length: 48 Inch
Width: 10 Inch
Height: 3 Inch
Nominal Length: 4 Ft
Housing Material: Die Formed Code Gauge Steel