3M STD-TAG Wire Marker Tape Dispenser

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The patented ScotchCode STD-TAG Dispenser simplifies the process of permanently or temporarily marking wires with ScotchCode wire marker tags. The dispenser allows easy printing of the tag with a permanent marking pen. A built-in blade quickly and neatly cuts the marker. The dispenser also provides a handy platform on which to write, something that's not always readily in the field. The STD-TAG dispenser is refillable and designed to hold two cartridges of STD wire marking tags (two different sizes) as well as a ScotchCode SMP Permanent Marking Pen. The tool is rugged and compact. The tags are in two sizes, STD-101 and STD-102. Applications for both types of tags include identifying wire, cable conduit and tubing as well as bundling wire, cable or any other objects with a circumference which can be handled with a miniature or standard width cable tie.


Marker Material: Polyester film