Pass & Seymour 3232TRW Straight Blade Receptacle

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Extra-Long Strap; Quickloop Wire Looping Aid; Long-Term Blade Retention; Extra-Large Circuit Break-Off Tabs; Side-Access Push Wire Release; Ultrasonic Welding of Face to Back Body; Self-Grounding Models Provide Automatic Ground Clip


Type: Duplex
Constructional Feature: Tamper Resistant
Configuration: 5-15R
Voltage Rating: 125 Volt AC
Current Rating: 15 Amp
Number of Poles: 2
Number of Wires: 3
Ground Type: Grounding
Material: High Impact Resistant Thermoplastic
Color: White
Wiring: Side, Push
Grade: Residential
Approval: UL 498, UL (Canada and US), CSA C22.2