O-Z/Gedney FSK-30-288 Through Wall and Floor Sealing Assembly

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The Installation of these Fittings is Simplified by the Use of Hex Head Screws on the Sealing Assembly; Ordinary Wrenches are Used for Tightening, which is Desirable Especially where Space is Limited; The Standard Fittings are Furnished with a PVC Oversize Sleeve and; All the Standard Sleeves will Accommodate a Wall or Floor up to 14 Inch Thick and a Marker Strip, Divided in Inches, is Provides on the Sleeve to Facilitate Field Cutting for Wall Less than 14 Inch; Longer Sleeves for Use in Walls or Floors of Greater Thickness are Available


Constructional Feature: Watertight, Corrosion Resistant
Trade Size: 2-1/2 Inch (Conduit/Steel Pipe), 2 Inch (Cast Iron Pipe)
Outer Diameter: 2.875 Inch (Conduit/Steel Pipe), 2.75 Inch (Cast Iron Pipe)
Wall Thickness: 4-3/8 to 14 Inch
Material: Epoxy Zinc Coated Malleable/Ductile Iron