Lithonia Lighting UC-24E-120-SWR-M6 Fluorescent Light Fixture

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Provides task or accent illumination in residential and light commercial applications. Ideal for use under cabinets offering shadow-free lighting in kitchens and work areas, in bookcases, display cabinets or above cabinets setting a warm, inviting atmosphere in the kitchen. Rugged post painted low profile housing with snap on/off hinged service tray for quick installation and wiring. Shatter-resistant, acrylic white diffuser provides soft widespread illumination with zip-lock design for easy lamp access, cleaning and superior retention. Separate snap on/off service tray for easy maintenance. On/off rocker switch standard with magnetic ballast fixtures, electronic ballast fixtures can be ordered with or without on/off rocker switch. Utilizes linear T5 lamp(s) for energy efficiency, superior color rendering and long life. Can be ordered with lamps included as standard with magnetic, preheat ballast fixtures only, other fixtures, lamps are not included. Electronic ballast (120 volt, 60Hz) fixtures ensures no flickering and quiet operation without interfering with other home electronics. Can be ordered with Magnetic Pre-Heat ballast as standard. Use with non-dimmable switches only. All mounting hardware included. Warranty - Guaranteed for two years against mechanical defects in manufacture.


Lamp Type: 8 Watt T5
Number of Lamps: 2
Lamp/Ballast Voltage: 120 Volt
Ballast Type: Electronic, Instant Start
Lens Type: Standard Milk White DR Acrylic Diffuser
Lamp Length: 24 Inch
Color: White
Length: 24-1/2 Inch
Width: 5 Inch
Height: 1-3/16 Inch
Nominal Length: 2 Foot