O-Z/Gedney WSK-450-55 Through Wall Sealing

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O-Z/Gedney Through Wall and Floor Seals Provide a Positive Means of Sealing Pipe, Conduit/Tube Where they Pass Through a Concrete Foundation of a Structure Below Grade/Below Ground Water Level, at Entry Points Through a Concrete Wall/Floor which Must be Sealed; Standard Sleeves will Accommodate a Wall/Floor up to 14 Inch Thick for FSK, 16 Inch Thick for WSK and Can be Cut Shorter in the Field


Constructional Feature: Watertight
Trade Size: 4 Inch (Conduit/Steel Pipe)
Wall Thickness: 9-1/4 to 16 Inch
Outer Diameter: 4.5 Inch (Conduit/Steel Pipe)
Material: Alkyd Enamel Coated Malleable/Ductile Iron