O-Z/Gedney CSMI-400P Conduit Sealing Bushing

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These Sealing Bushings are Used to Seal Against Fluid and Gas Pressure Around Mechanical Pipes, Casing, Conduits or Tubes; Wherever the Jacket or Sheath is Removed from Multi Conductor cable; Wherever it is Desirable to Seal the ends of Conduit and Cables Against the Entrance of Water, Damp or Corrosive Atmospheres, Hot or Cold Air or Dust


Conduit Size: 2 Inch
Pipe Size: 2.5 Inch, 2.625 Inch (Cast Iron Pipe), 2.375 Inch, 2.625 Inch (Copper Tube)
Outer Conduit Diameter: 2.375 Inch
Core Drilled Hole: 4 Inch
Material: PVC Coated Steel Pressure Disc