Burndy KS27 Mechanical Split Bolt Connector

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Compact, High Strength, High Copper Alloy Servit Split-Bolt has Free-Running Threads and Easy to Grip Wrench Flats; Highly Resistant to Season Cracking and Corrosion, the Servit Connectors Provide Maximum Pressure and Assure a Secure Connection on All Combinations of Run and Tap Conductors


Installation: Split Bolt
Conductor Material: Copper/Copperweld
Minimum Run Conductor Size: 1 AWG Stranded (Copper)
Maximum Run Conductor Size: 3/0 AWG Stranded (Copper)
Minimum Tap Conductor Size: 8 AWG Solid (Copper)
Maximum Tap Conductor Size: 3/0 AWG Stranded (Copper)
Material: High Copper Alloy
Approval: UL, CSA