500 Stranded Copper THHN Building Wire Cut to Order

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Type THHN/THWN-2 building wire is intended for general purpose applications as defined by the National Electrical Code (NEC). Type THHN-THWN-2 is permitted for new construction or rewiring for 600-volt applications. Applications requiring Type THHN or THWN-2, the conductor is appropriate for use in wet or dry locations at temperatures not to exceed 90°C or not to exceed 75°C in oil or coolants. Applications requiring Type MTW conductor is appropriate for use in dry locations at 90°C, or not to exceed 60°C in wet locations or where exposed to oils or coolants. Applications requiring Type AWM conductor is appropriate for use at temperatures to not exceed 105°C in dry locations.

Nylon outer jacket for easy pulling. VW-1 rated 14 AWG - 8 AWG. All sizes are rated gasoline and oil-resistant II.

- Underwriters Laboratories Standards UL-83, UL-1063, UL-758
- AWM Spec 1316, 1317, 1318, 1319, 1320, 1321
- ASTM Stranding Class B3, B8, B787
- Federal Specification A-A-59544
- Canadian Standards Association C22.2 No. 75
- NEMA WC70/ICEA S-95-658
- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Size: 500 MCM
Number of Strands: 37
Cross Section Area (mm2): 253.00
PVC Insulation Thickness (Conductor): 1.520 mm / 0.060 inches
Nylon Jacket Thickness: 0.200 mm / 0.008 inches
Outside Diameter: 22.91 mm / 0.902 inches
Weight: 1.735 lbs per ft
Allowable Ampacity: 320 Amps at 60ºC / 380 Amps at 75ºC / 430 Amps at 90ºC