18 AWG TFFN, 16 Stranded Copper Fixture Wire (500 Ft Reel)

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18-Gauge Stranded TFFN Wire is rated to 600-Volt for use as fixture, machine, tool and appliance wiring. This wire features a nylon jacket over PVC insulation. Features UL and CSA safety listings


Type TFFN or MTW or AWM may be used as fixture wire, machine tool wiring, or appliance wiring material as specified in the 2008 National Electrical Code. When used as Type TFFN, conductor is suitable for use at temperatures not to exceed 90Deg. When used as Type MTW, conductor is suitable for use in wet locations or when exposed to oil or coolant at temperatures not to exceed 60Deg or dry locations at temperatures not to exceed 90Deg (with ampacity limited to that for 75Deg conductor temperature per NFPA 79). Conductor temperatures not to exceed 105Deg in dry locations when rated AWM and used as appliance wiring material. Voltage for all applications is 600 volts.


UL Standard 66
National Electrical Code
RoHS Compliant


Size: 18 AWG
Number of Strands: 16
Vinyl Insulation Thickness: 0.015 inches
Nylon Jacket Thickness: 0.004 inches
Outside Diameter: 0.085 inches
Weight: 0.012 lbs per ft
Allowable Ampacity: TFFN - 6 Amps / MTW - 7 Amps