Burndy KLU125 Mechanical Cable Terminal Lug

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High Copper Alloy Terminal with Offset Tongue for Joining a Wide Range of Cable to Equipment Pads or Bar; Easy to Install with Screwdriver or Wrench; Connector is Reusable; Plain Copper Finish; Convenient Range-Taking Design; One Conductor Accommodates Several Conductor Sizes; High Conductivity Copper Alloy; Long Lasting Reliable Contact; Compact Design; Easy to Use; Reduces Labor Time; Slot Robertson Screw, Hex Head/Hex Socket Bolt; No Special Installation Tools Required; Eliminates Over-Torquing/Potential Conductor Damage


Type: Set Screw
Number of Conductors: 1
Minimum Conductor Size: 2 AWG Stranded
Maximum Conductor Size: 1/0 AWG Stranded
Conductor Material: Copper
Pad Type: Offset
Screw Type: 3/8 UNF Slot
Material: Copper Alloy
Number of Pad Holes: 1
Pad Size: 0.63 Inch W x 0.11 Inch Thk
Stud Size: 1/4 Inch
Overall Length: 1.99 Inch
Approval: UL 467, UL (Canada and US)