Marley Engineered Products HUHAA548 Electric Unit Heater

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Advanced Pull-Through Air Flow Design Draws Air Across Heating Element for More Even Air Distribution and Cooler Element Operation; Branch Circuit Fusing; Automatic Control Delays Fan Action Until Heating Element is Warm; When Thermostat is Satisfied, Fan Continues to Operate Until Heating Element is Cool; by Preventing Circulation of Cold Air and Expelling Excess Heat, Comfort Level is Raised and Component Life is Extended; Automatic Reset Linear Thermal Cut-Out Capillary Type, Provides Protection Over Entire Length of Element Area; Specially Designed Venturi Outlet to Meet that Added Throw Required in Vertical Position; Choice of Optional Diffusers for Variety of Air Patterns, Maximizing Heat Concentration and Coverage in the Vertical Position; Individually Adjustable Discharge Louvers to Control Air Flow


Type: Corrosion Resistant
Voltage Rating: 480 V
Current Rating: 6 Ampere
Power Rating: 5 KW
Number of Phases: 3
Heating Element: Aluminum Finned Copper Clad Steel Sheath
Control Type: Built-In Contactor with Transformer, Built-In Two Stage Thermostat
Fan/Motor Type: 2-Speed Motor
Air Flow Rate: 350 CFM
Material: 18 Gauge Die Formed Steel
Finish: Polyester Powder Coated
Size: 14 Inch W x 8-1/2 Inch D x 16 Inch H
Mounting: Ceiling/Wall Bracket/Horizontal/Vertical
Application: Factories, Store, Garage, Basement, Warehouse, Public Building, Service Station, Stock-Room, Office and Large or Exposed Area
Approval: UL (Canada and US)