Marley Engineered Products CWH1151DS Fan Forced Wall Heater

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Heating Element is Heavy-Duty Steel Fins Brazed to Steel Sheathed Tubular Elements in a Grid Pattern that Covers the Entire Discharge Area; Fan Delay on a Call for Heat Element is Energized but Fan is Delayed Until Element is Warm Eliminating the Circulation of Cold Air During Start Up; Designed for Easy Installation Heater is Mounted Prior to Wiring Both Hands are Free to Make Field Connections in Roomy Compartment; Motor is Totally Enclosed, Impedance Protected with Permanently Lubricated Bearings


Voltage Rating: 120 V
Current Rating: 6.25/12.5 Ampere
Power Rating: 750/1500 W
Number of Phases: 1
Heating Capacity: 2560/5120 BTU/Hr
Housing Size: 9-1/2 Inch W x 3-3/4 Inch D x 11-1/4 Inch H
Material: Heavy Gauge Galvanized Steel
Color: Northern White (Grill)
Heating Element: 80/20 Gauge Nickel Chromium Resistance Wire Enclosed Steel Sheathed, Brazed Copper Fin
Control Type: 40 to 85 Deg F Built in Thermostat, Disconnect Switch
Fan/Motor Type: 5 Bladed Aluminum Fan, permanently Lubricated Motor, Totally Enclosed Motor
Air Flow Rate: 65 CFM
Mounting: Recessed/Surface
Application: Commercial, Den, Basement, Converted Attic, Breezeway, Garage, Bathroom, Small Office and Workshop
Approval: UL (Canada and US)