Marley Engineered Products CBD1004 Baseboard Heater

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This Heavy-Duty Baseboard is Designed Specifically for Commercial Use, the Front Cover is Made of 16 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel; Heating Element Design Combines the Durability of a Steel Tubular Heater with the Excellent Heat Transfer Characteristics of Aluminum Fins; Junction Boxes Identical Pre-Wired Junction Boxes at Each End are Large and Roomy to Work in Access to the Junction Box Can be Made Either from the Side or the front of the Heater, Knockouts are Provided in the Backside or the Bottom of Each Heater End; Heavy-Duty Welded Steel Louvered Grilles Discourage Insertion of Foreign Objects and Direct Heat Outward into the Room, the Junction Boxes are Made of High-Strength Lexan to Resist Scratches and Wear Marks; Heater has a Durable Textured Polyester Powder Coat Finish for Corrosion Resistance


Type: Heavy Duty
Voltage Rating: 208/240 V
Current Rating: 3.6 Ampere at 208 V, 4.2 Ampere at 240 V
Power Rating: 750 W at 208 V, 1000 W at 240 V
Number of Phases: 1
Watt Density: 145/188/250 W/Ft
Heating Capacity: 3413 BTU/Hr
Length: 46 Inch
Height: 8-3/8 Inch
Material: 16-Gauge Cold Rolled Steel (Front Cover), Welded Steel (Grill)
Finish: Polyester Powder Coated
Color: Navajo White
Heating Element: Aluminum Finned Sheathed Steel, Nickel Chromium Element
Mounting: Floor
Application: Commercial
Approval: UL (Canada and US)