Burndy YHD200 Compression Tap Connector

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Wide Range, Universal and Reversible Figure H Shaped Aluminum Connector, Conductors are Separated by the Shape of the Connector, Bendable Tabs Secure both Run and Tap Conductors Freeing the Linemans Hands to Work with the Installation Tool, Massive Aluminum Design Minimizes Corrosion Due to Galvanic Corrosion, Pre-Filled with Penetrox Joint Compound and Individually Packaged, RoHS Compliant


Shape: H
Conductor Material: Copper/Aluminum/ACSR/AAAC/Steel
Minimum Run Conductor Size: 3/0 AWG Solid, 2/0 AWG Stranded, 1/0 AWG (ACSR), 2/0 AWG (Compact ACSR)
Maximum Run Conductor Size: 4/0 AWG Solid, 3/0 AWG Stranded, 2/0 AWG (ACSR), 3/0 AWG (Compact ACSR/Copper/Aluminum)
Minimum Tap Conductor Size: 6 AWG Solid, 6 AWG Stranded, 6 AWG (ACSR), 6 AWG (Compact ACSR/Copper/Aluminum)
Maximum Tap Conductor Size: 1/0 AWG Solid, 1 AWG Stranded, 2 AWG (ACSR), 1 AWG (Compact ACSR/Copper/Aluminum)
Die Index: D3
Body Material: Aluminum
Approval: RUS