IDEAL Electrical 31-857 Cable Pulling Rope

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Low Friction Polypropylene Rope Slides Easily Through Conduit; Non-Sliver Surface can be Handled without Gloves; Will Not Rot or Mildew; It is a Rugged, Lightweight and Mildew Resistant Rope; It is a Low Friction Rope that Slides Easily Through Conduit and Piping without Being Snagged; It Features a Unique Braid Design Ensures that Strong and Resistant to Rot, Mildew and Stretching; It Comes is Varied Tensile Strengths and Lengths to Meet the Needs for any Job Application


Length: 1200 Foot
Outer Diameter: 3/4 Inch
Material: Low Friction Polypropylene
Tensile Strength: 7650 Pound
Color: Yellow