Burndy YAV10T3BOX Compression Ring Tongue Terminal

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HYLUG type YAV is a seamless, heavy duty uninsulated compression ring tongue terminal manufactured from pure electrolytic copper tubing and is for use on copper commercial (code) cable, type AN aircraft cable and extra flexible conductors. Because of its seamless design, the YAV HYLUG also accommodates solid conductors. The seamless tubing produces a double thick tongue and a strong connector for demanding applications that require high reliability. Applications include industrials, hospitals, electric utilities, aircraft, shipboard and marine, computers, steel mills, mining equipment and other equipment that is subject to vibration or requiring dependable electrical performance.


Type: Beveled, Heavy Duty
Minimum Conductor Size: 14 AWG Stranded, 12 AWG Solid/Stranded
Maximum Conductor Size: 10 AWG Solid/Stranded
Insulation Type: Non-Insulated
Stud Size: 1/4 Inch
Approval: UL, CSA