Burndy PAT750LI Battery Actuated Crimping Tool

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The BURNDY Engineered System features the most complete line of installation tools in the electrical industry. Available in various styles: battery actuated, mechanical, full cycle ratchet, self contained hydraulic, remote controlled hydraulic, along with power actuated pumps, hoses and accessories. BURNDY has the options to suit your needs. BURNDY tools are designed to integrate with the complete line of BURNDY connectors. Whether you are a small contractor working with #22 wire or a large utility working with 2500 kcmil conductor, there is a BURNDY tool available to do the job. The benefits of theBURNDY EngineeredSystemaremany, themost significant benefit being reliability. There is nothing more important to the electrical industry today than reliability. It represents the one area that leads to economical installations that will endure for the life of the installation.


Crimping Force: 12 Ton
Head Type: Rotatable 355 Degree
Die Options: U-Die
Die Included: Yes
Terminal/Splice Type: Tension Sleeve, Tap, Aerial Cable, Terminal and Splice, Hyground (Cable/Ground Rod), Ground Rod
Cable Size: 8 AWG Solid to 500 KCMIL Copper, 8 AWG Solid to 587.2 KCMIL Aluminum, 4 AWG to 556.5 KCMIL ACSR (Tension Sleeve), 14 AWG Solid to 500 KCMIL Copper, 8 AWG to 500 KCMIL Aluminum (Tap), 6 AWG to 500 KCMIL Copper (Aerial Cable), 8 AWG to 750 KCMIL Aluminum/Copper, 4 AWG to 556 KCMIL ACSR (Terminal and Splice), 8 AWG to 500 KCMIL Copper (Cable/Ground Rod)
Carrying Case Type: High Impact Formed Carrying Case
Battery Type: (2) BAT18VLI 18 Volt 3 Amp Hour Lithium-Ion
Battery Charger Type: PATCHGRLI 120 Volt AC and PATCHGR-LIDC 12/24 Volt DC 30 Minute
Size: 15.75 Inch Length x 3.5 Inch Width x 13.5 Inch Height
Weight: 15.7 Pound