Mersen EP A4BT1600 Low Voltage UL Power Fuse

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The high interrupting rating of A4BT current-limiting fuses is ideally suited for protecting mains, feeders and general circuits. The 10-second time-delay at 500% of fuse rating is ideal for large motors and other loads with a high inrush. A4BT fuses are suitable for DC applications up to 500VDC. An A4BT fuse can be applied to normal loads up to its full ampere rating to allow 100% rating of equipment, while also providing superior current-limiting ability.


Type: Class L
Characteristics: Time Delay
Voltage Rating: 600 Volt AC, 500 Volt DC
Current Rating: 1600 Amp
Interrupting Rating: 200 Kiloamp (AC), 100 Kiloamp (DC)
Terminal Type: Blade
Diameter: 3 Inch
Length: 10-3/4 Inch
Approval: UL 248/248-10, CSA C22.2