Littelfuse CCMR020.TXP UL Power Fuse

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The CCMR series is ideal for space saving protection of motors up to 40 hp It was designed specifically to withstand sustained starting currents of small motors. The CCMR 60 fuse is the smallest 60 A fuse available rated at 600 V Compared to other UL Listed fuses, Class CC fuses are the most current-limiting, rating for rating.


Type: Class CC
Characteristics: Dual Element, Time Delay
Voltage Rating: 600 Volt AC/500 Volt DC
Current Rating: 20 Amp
Interrupting Rating: 200 Kiloamp (Symmetrical), 300 Kiloamp (Self-Certified), 20 Kiloamp (DC)
Terminal Type: Ferrule
Diameter: 0.41 Inch
Length: 1.5 Inch
Approval: UL, CSA, CE