IDEAL Electrical 30-S2212N Street Light Disconnect Fuse Kit

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The IDEAL SLK Disconnect Fuse Kit is a water-resistant breakaway safety device that de-energizes roadway lights, streetlights, parking lot lights, and other freestanding electrical fixtures in the event of a knockdown, or when the fixtures need maintenance. This helps protect first responders, bystanders, and service personnel from potentially life-threatening electrical shock hazards. The SLK is the first Disconnect Fuse Kit listed to UL's ECIS category for special purpose connectors. This category contains a set of rigorous tests from a host of UL standards, including UL 486D, the standard for submersibility. This means that the SLK will stand up to the wet conditions often seen in and around pole bases, junction boxes, and hand holes, not included for continuous submersion. In addition, the bright orange color of the SLK makes the product easy to locate in dark junction boxes, in hand holes, or in a nighttime knockdown situation when the connector is often buried amongst dirt, mud, and debris.


Type: Breakaway Y-Tap Kit
Voltage Rating: 600 V
Current Rating: 30 Ampere
Construction: Double (Line), Single (Load), Non-Fused, Neutral
Connector Type: Set Screw
Housing Material: Polypropylene (Fuse)
Approval: UL 486-A, UL 486-B, UL 486D, UL 498, UL 1682