Burndy YH2C2C Compression Tap Connector

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Accommodates a Wide Range of Run/Tap Copper Cable Combinations Including Both Flexible and Code Combinations; All (B/B, B/I, I/B, I/I) Combinations Acceptable; Each Connector has Many Copper Cable Combination Applications Allowing Maximum Flexibility for the Design and Installation of a System; Tap Grooves Function Independently of Each Other; Use of One Tap is Required; Balance May be Used or Left Empty Provides Maximum Design and Installation Flexibility; Color Code on the Connector Matches Installation Die Provides Matched System for Fast and Easy Installation; Die Index Embossed on Connector after Completion of Crimp; Permanent Inspectability of Installed Connectors to Insure Consistently Reliable and Dependable Connections; Recommended Flame Retardant Type CF- FR Insulating Covers Meet Oxygen Index 28 and UL 94 V-O Requirements; A Complete Insulated UL Listed Installation is Provided; "Third Hand" Constrains Conductors While Installer Completes Crimp; Included with Each Connector; RoHS Compliant


Shape: H
Number of Taps: 3
Conductor Material: Copper
Minimum Run Conductor Size: 8 AWG (Flex), 6 AWG Solid/Stranded
Maximum Run Conductor Size: 2 AWG (Flex), 2 AWG Solid/Stranded
Minimum Tap Conductor Size: 14 AWG (TAP2/TAP3), 14 AWG (Flex, TAP2/TAP3), 8 AWG (Flex, TAP1), 6 AWG Solid/Stranded (TAP1)
Maximum Tap Conductor Size: 8 AWG (TAP2/TAP3), 8 AWG (Flex, TAP2/TAP3), 2 AWG (Flex, TAP1), 2 AWG Solid/Stranded (TAP1)
Die Index: C
Body Material: Electro Tin Plated Copper
Approval: UL, CSA