IDEAL Electrical 35-038 Pliers with Cutter

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Narrow Profile Head Designed for Working in Tight Areas; Serrated Jaws Provide Secure Gripping Surface; Knife to Anvil Blades Never Need Resharpening, Forged-Steel Construction, Which Provides Extra Strength and Hardness without Sacrificing Flexibility; Laser-Hardened Blades Cut Hardened Wire, Bolts and Stainless Steel Wire; Features a Long Narrow Nose with Serrated Jaws to Provide a Secure Gripping Surface for Pulling Wire and Material Through Rough-In Holes and Other Tight Spaces; Made in USA; Lifetime Limited Guarantee


Jaw Type: Long Nose, Serrated
Overall Length: 8-1/2 Inch
Material: HCS
Process: Laser Hardened, Tempered, Drop Forged
Handle Material: PVC
Application: Cutting