Pass & Seymour 26252GRY Straight Blade Receptacle

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Corrosion Resistant, Plated Steel Strap Locked into Assembly to Prohibit Strap from Bending Away from Body; One-Piece, Brass, Triple-Wipe Power Contacts for Lasting Retention; Heavy-Duty Compact Design for Easier Installation and Long Lasting Performance; Easily Accessed Break-Off, Line-Contact Connecting Tab for Fast, Easy Split-Circuit Wiring; Terminal Compartments Isolated from Each Other for Positive Conductor Containment; Side and Internal Screw Pressure Plate Back Wire Accepts 14 to 10 AWG Solid or Stranded Wire; All Devices Fit Standard #26 Opening Wall Plate; Tri-Drive Terminal and Mounting Screws; Auto-Ground Clip Assures Positive Ground


Type: Duplex, Decorator, Heavy-Duty
Constructional Feature: Corrosion Resistant, Impact Resistant
Configuration: 5-15R
Voltage Rating: 125 VAC
Current Rating: 15 Ampere
Number of Poles: 2
Number of Wires: 3
Ground Type: Automatic Grounding
Material: Nylon (Face)
Color: Gray
Wiring: Back, Side
Grade: Specification
Approval: UL 498, UL (Canada and US), FSUL WC596