Burndy KSU25 Mechanical Split Bolt Connector

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High Strength, Copper Alloy Servit Split-Bolt with Spacer; Spacer Separates Dissimilar Conductors and Provides Long Contact Length that Prevents High Pressure Point Contacts Between Run and Tap Conductors


Installation: Spacer
Conductor Material: Aluminum/Copper/ACSR/AAAC/5005/Steel
Minimum Run Conductor Size: 2 AWG Stranded (Aluminum/Copper), 3 AWG (ACSR/AAAC/5005)
Maximum Run Conductor Size: 1/0 AWG Stranded (Aluminum/Copper), 1 AWG (ACSR/AAAC/5005)
Minimum Tap Conductor Size: 10 AWG Stranded (Aluminum/Copper), 6 AWG (ACSR/AAAC/5005)
Maximum Tap Conductor Size: 1/0 AWG Stranded (Aluminum/Copper), 1 AWG (ACSR/AAAC/5005)
Material: Tin Plated Copper Alloy
Approval: UL, CSA