Burndy YC1L12 Compression Tap Connector

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Bare Copper Range-Taking C-Tap that Allows for Less Inventory as One C-Tap Can Accommodate a Multitude of Wire Combination; Reinforced Rib on the Outside of the C-Tap Increases the Mechanical Holding Strength of the Connection; Creates a Compact Connection that Allows for Easy Taping and Insulating; Connectors Include a Color Dot to Ensure Proper Die and Installation Tooling is Selected; Manufactured from High Conductivity Wrought Copper Providing Low Resistance for Excelled Electrical Conductivity; RoHS Compliant


Voltage Rating: 600 V
Shape: C
Number of Taps: 1
Conductor Material: Copper
Minimum Run Conductor Size: 3 AWG
Maximum Run Conductor Size: 1 AWG
Minimum Tap Conductor Size: 12 AWG
Maximum Tap Conductor Size: 3 AWG
Die Index: 13
Body Material: Tin Bright Wrought High Conductivity Copper
Approval: UL, CSA