Burndy GAR2126 Mechanical Grounding Connector

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High Copper Alloy Ground Connector for Joining a Range of Cable, Parallel or at Right Angles to Rod or Tube; Especially Good for Fence Posts; High Copper Alloy Cast Body with Durium U-Bolts, Nuts and Lock Washer, Permit Entire Connection to be Buried in Ground or Concrete without Danger of Corrosion; Fence Post Grounding Connector; 1-Wrench Installation; Acceptable for Direct Burial; Wire to Rebar; Wire to Pipe; RoHS Compliant


Conductor Size: 4 to 3/0 AWG Solid (Copper), 5 to 2/0 AWG Stranded (Copper)
IPS Size: 3-1/2 Inch
Rod Size: 3-1/2 to 4 Inch
Size: 5-3/8 Inch W x 6-1/4 Inch H
Installation: U-Bolt to Pipe/Rod
Material: Bright Dipped Cast High Copper Alloy Body, Durium Silicon Bronze Hardware
Approval: UL 467, UL (Canada and US), CSA
Used On: Parallel/90 Degree Copper Cable to Pipe/Rod, Wire to Rebar, Fence Post, Direct Burial