3M 4C Electrical Insulating Resin

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Scotchcastâ„¢ Electrical Insulating Resin 4 is a Two-Part Epoxy Insulating and Encapsulating Resin; This Resin, Mixed in Its Two-Part Closed Mixing Pouch, Generates Its Own Heat to Cure; Its Compatibility with Solid and Synthetic Cable Insulations and Jackets Makes Resin 4 an Excellent Insulator and Sealer for Cable Splicing; Use Scotchcastâ„¢ Electrical Insulating Resin 4 to Splice Solid Dielectric and Oil Filled Cables up to 8 Kilovolt and to Jacket High Voltage Splices; RoHS Compliant


Item: Electrical Insulating Resin
Voltage Rating: 8 Kilovolt
Material: Epoxy
Energize Time: 45 Minute
Color: Black
Operating Temperature: 194 Deg F
Quantity: 14.7 Ounce
Standard Package: 10 per Case
Used On: 82-A/82-B1/85-14CP/90-B1 Series Power Cable Tape Splice Kit