IDEAL Electrical 35-825 Auger Drill Bit

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Dual Helix Construction with Twin Cutting Edges for Faster and Smoother Drilling Action, Even Through Nail Embedded Timber; Full Body, Dual Induction Heat Treatment Ensures Durability, Minimizes Warping and Delivers Long Lasting Performance; Heavy Duty Lead Screw Designed for Quick Gripping Power, Superior Penetration and Extra Long Life; Re-Sharpenable for Extended Tool Life; Fit's Auger Bit Extensions for Long Reach Drilling


Type: Heavy Duty, Long Ship, Dual Helix
Drill Size: 7/8 Inch
Overall Length: 18 Inch
Flute Type: Twist
Flute Length: 15 Inch
Shank Size: 7/8 Inch
Process: Heat Treated, Hardened
Finish: Black Oxide
Hardness: 55 to 59 HRC