Mersen EP ATM7 Midget Fuse

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Amp-Trap midget fast-acting ATM fuses are rated 600 volts AC and DC, with a 100kA interrupting rating; These ratings give the ATM a wide range of applications not covered by other midget fuses; In addition, ratings of 30/35, 30/40 and 30/50 amperes are offered for specific applications such as capacitor protection; These ATM fuses must still be considered 30A fuses because of their dimensions, but are able to withstand much higher inrush currents and tougher duty cycles.


Characteristics: Fast Acting
Voltage Rating: 600 Volt AC/DC
Current Rating: 7 Amp
Interrupting Rating: 100 Kiloamp (AC/DC)
Terminal Type: Ferrule
Diameter: 0.41 Inch
Length: 1.5 Inch
Approval: UL 248-14, CSA C22.2