IDEAL Electrical 92-704 Compression Connector

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With the patented InSITE Technology feature, now standard on all IDEAL RG-11 compression connectors, field termination of these blind entry connectors is simpler, faster and now provides a higher performance connection for all video based applications. The InSITE window is a 360° clear window which allows the installer to verify that the prepped cable has been inserted far enough into the connector to make contact with the fixed pin-before the connector is compressed.All IDEAL compression connectors require a ¼” x ¼” industry standard coax preparation. The prepped cable is then inserted into the connector until the folded braiding is visible within the InSITE window. No measuring, no jacket marking, no guesswork – a confident connection every time.


Coupling Style: BNC
Configuration: Straight
Cable Type: RG59
Center Conductor Size: 18 to 23 AWG Solid
Cable Insulation Outer Diameter: 0.23 to 0.25 Inch
Impedance: 75 Ohm
Body Material: Nickel Plated Brass
Contact Material: Gold Plated
Standard Package: 4 per Card
Application: CCTV, Broadband